My girlfriend and I at our first dance.
My girlfriend and I
at our first dance.

Kaleb Ruscitti


I am currently a master's student at McGill Unversity in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics, working under the supervision of Jacques Hurtubise.

My research interests lie in the intersection of algebraic geometry, representation theory and quantum field theory. In particular, I feel that there is an inticing push-and-pull between the methods of QFT and those of representation theory and geometry. In QFT, physically inspired methods allow one to achieve difficult results, and by attempting to formalize these methods we can hope to develop new mathematical techniques to solve challenging problems. In a dual sense, I want to use more rigourous mathematical results to better understand the foundations in QFT, and hopefully use these results to push the boundaries of theoretical physics.

Outside of research, I have broad interests in many topics. I love music and dance; I collect musical instruments (most of which I play quite poorly) and practice many styles of dance such as ballroom, swing, disco and hip-hop. I also find history and social anthropology fascinating. At the time of writing, I have been spending a lot of time reading about the 1900s, especially labour history and conflicts and how the aftermath of the wars of the last century affect us today.