Research and Projects

My research interests are in Quantum Information and Computing, as well as Geometry and Topology and their applications in physics.

Institute for Quantum Computing - Undergraduate Research Assissant

Phase sensitive electric field detection using a mechanical microwave mixer.

Developed a method for make phase sensitive, contactless measurements of electric fields using a mechanical cantilever as a microwave mixer. I demonstrated that the technique works for RF fields up to 3+ GHz.

This project was done under the supervision of Prof. Raffi Budakian.

Adaptive optics for addressing ions in an ion trap.


Implemented adaptive optics in the laboratory with the goal of gaining optical abberation correction and detailed, in-situ and real-time addressing of ions in a Yb+ ion trap. I handled the implementation details, from designing the optics to writing the software to control the setup.

This work was used in Engineering programmable spin interactions in a trapped ion quantum simulator with holographic single-ion addressing

pySLM: Python Spatial Light Modulation

Github PyPI

A python package for controlling spatial light modulators, such as LCD adaptive optics or Digital Micromirror devices. Co-authored by myself and Gilbert Shih.